You are an individualist and want to show it?

Try it with the Shelby., The node for individualists

Or wear a bow tie. The least you can stain hardly. Drikker it is even mandatory.

The plastron you wear only wedding in Denver communities or for hunting. It is certainly more convenient to wear a plastron in compounded form. And nice sometimes. 
Nevertheless, you learn here how to bind the plastron.

Shelby Knot


Shelby Knot

The approximately 30 centimeters long wide end around the narrow end crosses behind.

Then slide from the front through the loop, so that the wide end is as indicated on your right chest.

Fronts the narrow end cross (this is the last loop).

Now push from behind through the loop and then tighten through the loop.

Queen of Ties



The fly you wear to Kent-, Kläppchen-and Shark collar and button-down

The right end of the loop should continue down four centimeters rich than the left.The right forward cross over the left and push from behind through the loop.

Halve now the front part of the original left end and shape with your index finger and thumb of the left hand this into a loop.

The end, which you have previously pushed through the loop, you now can fall forward.The forefinger of the right hand is on the lower half of said depending member.

This is pushed behind the front loop upwards. This results in a further loop which is inserted through the nodes behind the front loop.

Then simply align the ends and tighten the knot.

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