How to choose the right tie knot?

tie-color-combinationHow to choose the right tie knot?

Once you’ve found a nice tie, then choose carefully to tie knots from which is the tie best suited.
The tie knot that you select depends on:
– The tie thickness: The thicker is the tie fabric, the thicker the nodes fail ultimately.
– Your Chin Width: If you have a wide chin, you can better choose a broad and all nodes. A narrow node lets your chin appear optically more broadly.


Small tie knot:

the Kent knot
the oriental knots (“The Oriental”)

Medium tie knot:

the half Windsor knot
Nicky node
Kelvin node
the Four-in-hand knot

Whole tie knot:

the Pratt Knot
Victoria nodes
the Manhattan-node
the double Windsor knot
of Grantchester node
Hanover node
the Balthus knot

– The Tie width. Nowadays we see everywhere narrow ties (see also tie trends). The best tie knot, suitable for narrow ties, are:

Victoria nodes
the St. Andrew Knot
the Manhattan-node
the Cavendish node
the square knot

– The nature of your shirt collar (see your shirt collar). Coarse There are three different collar styles: turndown, Widespread and button-down.

With a turndown collar choose prefer a less full node, such. As the Four-in Hand knot. In a Widespread Collar You may choose a fuller knot. The button-down collar is no longer so popular. In this version you can download best opt ​​for a medium sized knots.

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