What to consider when shirt collar, pocket squares and tie pins and which colors and patterns blend well

The following rules apply when ties Collar combination Note:

The larger the opening of the collar, the greater must be the node.
The node should not be seen all the way to its outer tips. It must fill in the leg of the collar, so that the outer hubs are covered by the collar.
Avoid that at the end of the collar points of the shirt to be raised by the node. Even if you turn your head, the tips must remain lying on the shirt.

There are three variables in order to comply with the rules can: The size of the collar, the thickness of the tie and the knot. Is next buying a shirt into the house, pay attention to a large collar, if you have to hang it rather thick ties in your closet. The fly and the Krawattenschal They may contribute to each collar except for the Tab.
Proper node
Links: The collar leg must be filled out. Middle: Even without a button-down collar tips must lie. Right: In the loop? Your decision

Ties needle

The tie clip should be worn while hidden under your jacket. But the tie pin has more than just functional value. With a bead on it, you can always wear this Zierdestück. Bring it well visible above your neckline on. Avoid at tiepins restless tie pattern.
For the Hand tied ascot tie needle is indispensable. Otherwise, you expose it as a hardcover, made-up copy.

For Kombis pattern of shirt and tie opposites are always welcome. Do not wear similar colors. Same color values ​​with different patterns are welcome contrast. Combine with dark spots and dark with paisley or small and large patterns. Contrasts are asked.

Pochettes are the handkerchiefs for the breast pocket. They fit all shirts and ties and let even a nuance appear formal. Do not wear it together with a scarf tie, a fly or scarves. But always with a tie. But that should not be of the same material as your Pochette. On the following pages you will find folding instructions.

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