The matching collar to the correct node

This rather sportive collar (also Under-Botton Down or Soft Roll Collar) looks with and without binder from preppy. The collar should be very large. This, however, one sees from something “dressed”. Especially without a tie tends the “Over” Button-Down to to buckle during the day outside. That’s why you keep an eye on him. The perfect knot is the Four-in-hand. You can combine the collar with the bow tie.

Turndown collar
The turn-down collar is the generic term for an ordinary collar. His variations ranging from the most formal collar turndown to classic cutaway.

Kent collar
This strain (also Cutaway Collar) looks very elegant and certainly presentable even without a tie. However, if you pick up the tie, then you should have a thick single or a double Windsor wear. Albert node for the tie and a fly are allowed here.

Cutaway Collar
This collar (you know, even under Spread Collar or spreading collar) is still more open than the spread collar. Apply the same rules.

The Eaton is a collar with rounded tips. Therefore, apply it according to the rules as the turndown or Cutaway.

Turndown Collar
The inconspicuous Turndown Collar provides the greatest variations in the length. For a long collar tie your tie with Albert, Four-in-hand on a short to. A Windsor acts penetrated here.
They also contribute to not oversized collar. It should be no more than two and a half times longer than the node. The tips of the collar may not come to light, but disappear under the jacket. The turndown complemented beautifully with all face shapes other than a very long, narrow face.

A substance latch with pushbutton ensures a perfect fit of tie and collar. This also makes it impossible to wear the collar without a tie. The button must be absolutely hidden by the tie knot.
It is ideal for traditional events such as weddings or funerals. Bind to this collar Four-in-hand. A fly does not fit the Tab.

The pin is very similar to the Tab. Instead of a fabric bolt here holding a needle along the collar leg. Without tie you should not wear this collar because the needle is definitely covered by the node. Therefore you may also wear the pin collar with tie. With a total bigger collar, wear the Albert-node, otherwise the Four-in-hand.
Although he is considered as stylish in the USA. In this country, however, you can not wear a suit to the stand-up collar (eng. Banded Collar). A shirt with this collar is a pure leisure shirt. It is also a symbol of the ties haters.
Kläppchen COLLAR
The elegant collar tuxedo and tailcoat to. To do so, wear only a bow tie, ties are prohibited.

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