Make the swung so you have a while your enjoyment of the new knot

The tie must not only look beautiful and feel good, it should keep for a while. Therefore, you must check the quality of workmanship. For this purpose, grasp the connector at the thin end and leave runterbaumeln him long. If he does not hangs down straight, he is good for nothing. The silk must in fact be precisely tailored in the 45-degree angle, if not, is the tie never flat on your shirtfront.

Given keys to the tie carefully from the edge. If you feel that the contribution the outer shell fills (made of silk, cashmere or wool) to the edge, the binder is okay. If not, stay away, because then the material at the edge gets quickly dents. The deposit may also not be too wide cut, otherwise the tie bulges outwards or inwards.

Tip: Tie the tie before buying order. It always arises out whether you really can use the new binder.

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