How to Tie a Hanover Knot

Hanover associated knot in eight movements. Contrary to appearances, does not make it difficult, because it is closely related to the node Oriental – simply charge with many more times the wide end around the narrow tie.

Symmetry and momentum

According to its creators, Fink and Mao, in the final stage of Hanover knot should be “symmetrical triangle”. But any symmetry and elegance does not change the fact that because of the eightfold receipt of the knot even if the ties of thin material quickly gets quite monstrous.


It is difficult to generalize the shapes of heads and facial types, but some knots highlight a round or long face, and other optically cover up some deficiencies.But beware: microscopic knot oriental with thin silk tie further draw attention to the contrast between the knot and a round face!

Hannover knot


As in the case of knots Balthus And Grantchester, You should leave the narrow end of the tie very short to tie had finished length.Hanover, as mentioned above knots, provides for lower men’s elegant substitute the Windsor knot.

How to Tie a Hanover Knot

How to Tie a Hanover Knot

In a few words

  • – Inverted
  • – Symmetric
  • – For thin fabrics
  • – Thick
  • – Triangular, elegant
  • – Thick
  • – Easily comes out too big
  • – Replacement for the lower Windsor men
  • – Does not resolve itself
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