How to Tie a Grantchester Knot

Even with the thin and narrow tie knot Grantchester goes thicker than usual, and therefore the choice of the cuts depends on the taste of the person.(Other 9-fold folding knots exceed the size of it, however.)

None understatement …

Collectors knots Fink and Mao probably gave the name to this fashions to commemorate the picturesque village near Cambridge. Because of its size can not be attributed to the so-called kent British understatement! If you draw an appropriate shirt collar, folding kents seven-or nine may very well look at lower men. You use so much of the material, even at the end of long ties binding you will barely reach to the waist. As a mild, no longer have to fight with the narrow end of the tie, which in the case of nodes made ​​fewer moves frequently falls far below the wide end and must be pushed into the shirt. But beware: as large node is not suitable for every face shape! If you have a round, rather full face and wide, strong neck, you should definitely choose another node!

Grantchester knot


As usual in the case of nodes with a large number of binding steps, you should start as close to the narrow end of the tie, otherwise the knot come even thicker than is provided. He then tied tie is too short.

How to Tie a Grantchester Knot

How to Tie a Grantchester Knot

In a few words

  • – Inverted
  • – Asymmetric
  • – Large, thick
  • – For thin fabrics
  • – For lower men
  • – Solves itself
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