12 errors man style

12 errors man style12 errors man style.

When you create your own style, we concentrate all their attention on what and how to wear that has been in vogue and what goes with what to combine. But in the pursuit of trends, we sometimes miss the basic things that you should not do. After all, the one and only mistake is able to nullify all your efforts look spectacular.

1. Too much color.
Too many colors in your appearance will certainly attract attention. But not the attention you expect. For each image limit to three primary colors, with select relatively simple things. To deal with the specific combining color, you can use the so-called color wheel. Opposite colors perfectly complement each other (blue, orange), but it is worth to dose their number. As for colors, near (red, pink) is not always their concurrent use may be successful.

2. Too many drawings.
In this case, as with the colors stay at reasonable number of three. Moreover, and this? for many. It is much easier to combine a model with a pattern with solid things.

3. Too many fabrics.
Each tissue there is a certain “class”. So, silk material is considered more formal than denim, while flax more democratic fabric. The skin usually looks more manly” than tweed. Therefore, it is important to combine the fabric, taking into account not only their texture and color, but also the “class”. In addition, it is important to distinguish between winter and summer wardrobe: oddly enough, many men can continue to wear in warm weather suit of thick and heavy fabric.

4. Spot.
Before you download the thing into the washing machine, inspect it for any stains. They may remain after washing, and you will agree, there’s nothing worse than divorce, even on perfectly laundered items.

5. The clothes are not in season.
It would seem that this paragraph should have no problems. However, in practice things for another time of the year to put on simply by chance. Hang winter and summer items separately, preferably in different cabinets, then you will not be tempted to wear a linen shirt under a tight jacket.

6. Too long / short pants.
Always carefully try on pants or jeans before buying, as incorrectly chosen length can ruin even the most spectacular model. Remember the following rule: khaki pants and trousers Suit must end at the top of the heel. Jeans can be a little longer even cover the heel. A few extra inches it’s too much. It is not necessary to select and shorter: otherwise your feet will seem shorter. When walking, you should not see socks, and when you sit out from under the trouser permissible be seen only a few centimeters of the sock.

7. Too high waistline.
If you have the nature of a short torso and long legs, wear pants with a low waistline, choosing the model with no side, and on the front pockets. However, this model only looks spectacular on the owner of an ideal press but unless you are not yet a such?

8. Incorrect length shirts.
If the shirt is too long, you will never be able to accurately fill it in his pants. Therefore, anyone? Top? should end at the middle of his pants. In short, too, is impossible: otherwise each time you nagibanii bare back. Try to find a brand styles that suit you most, even if the search takes a long time.

9. “Overcharged top.”
Bright colors, eye-catching designs, provocative inscriptions and famous logos – all this, of course, great. But in certain situations. In most cases, plain t-shirts discreet shades will give more scope for compatibility and insure you from additional errors.

10. Do not ironing things.
Terms accuracy nobody has ever been canceled, and one of them says: iron and ironing board Home Friends neat appearance. No, we’re not going to hint to men that they are not always perfectly ironed shirts. Just want to draw attention to the fact that we should not forget about the details. Neproglazhennaya fabric between buttons looks well very unaesthetic. By the end of the day can also be pretty thing wrinkle, especially this problem is relevant for travel. In a pinch, you can moisten the folds, smooth them with your fingers and blow dry, if he is at hand

11. Poor knotted tie.
As practice shows, the art of tying a tie justifies their status: to master this skill can only be determined after a workout. Do not forget about the length of this accessory: the classic version end of the tie should touch fastener on the belt.

12. Fused eyebrows.
Think that tweeze eyebrows this activity: a) a purely female, b) more than brutal? There are several magical salon procedures that once and for all remove excess hair from a small area on your nose. In any case, fused eyebrows – a spectacle at least ugly.

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