Narrow tie: Tips for beginners

narrow tieNarrow tie – something incredibly stylish and even a little season, but this tie should have in their wardrobe every man who cares about his appearance. If you decide to add to your image of a narrow tie, advice stylists will help you learn about the basic rules and combinatorial fashion.

Narrow ties were incredibly popular in the 1950s and early ’60s (and even in the’ 80s), and then forgotten about them a bit, but today the narrow ties, or as they are calledskinny ties, again at the height of men’s fashion.

Skinny tie is a real trend, and those who follow the most current trends of the season, quite naturally interested in the question of how and what to wear narrow tie, for any occasion allowed him to put on and where, in the end, you can buy high-quality and stylish tie -skinni.

What should be the perfect tieskinny.
Tie narrow width ranges from 7.5 to 5 cm, but is considered the most popular widths from 3.7 to 6.2 cm. Narrower embodiments suitable for retroimage creation, ties wider more traditional look. As for length, the length of tieskins, as well as most of the traditional ties of about 142 cm, depending on the manufacturer of the product. The tip is ideally matched to tie knotted state should reach trouser belt, but do not close the belt and not reach him at 2.5 to 4 cm.

Where to put narrow tie.
In the tieskinny can appear on either the solemnity and informal event.
For official image pick monophonic narrow black tie, and to him quite fitting shirt with small collar.

Avoid baggy, not the size of suits and shirts (the yard is not the 90’s). The width of the tieskinny silhouette dictates appropriate to look stylish and fashionable clothes should fit you just perfectly.

If you do not plan to wear a suit or jacket, stylish business image can be created using bright monochrome tie, skinny and black shirt. In this case, a bright tie favorably contrasts with the dark and subdued tone shirts. To create such a bold selects ties red, fuchsia, purple, violet, plum, cornflower blue, turquoise, lemon yellow or white. If you do not belong among the fans of black shirts, will allow you to stand out shirt in lighter colors, as long as the tie looked quite expressive and created a fashionable and bright accent.

In a more informal setting narrow tie can be combined with the same shirt with a small collar. You can tie a tie familiar way for you or make a free and unconstrained node. Wrapped sleeve shirt and vest complement the bold and stylish image. Narrow tie – just must have for everyday urban image.

In the modern men’s wedding fashion tieskinny also found a place, especially popular narrow ties have the best man and his friends, on the occasion of a stylish young people prefer plain ties. A special highlight triumph, give groomsmen in ties skins of different bright colors.

If you want to wear narrow tie to work, make sure that it does not conflict with your corporate dress code. Narrow tie is fine for everyday, for more formal events stylists recommend choosing ties width of about 7.5 cm or not wide variations about 6.8 cm.

Half-Windsor KnotHow to tie a narrow tie.
Too bulky and voluminous node simply “kill” a narrow tie. Ties skins should tie a small neat knot, Half Windsor knot or a simple free.
Four-In-Hand KnotFree node, or ka called British, four-in-hand – with a narrow tie looks the most advantageous. Node receives a narrow, slightly asymmetrical. A more accurate node triangular shape is obtained if to tie a tieknot skinny Half Windsor knot this a few bigger than free, but it is quite suitable for most models of narrow neckties. Very narrow ties knot tie so it is not recommended if you do chose the Half Windsor, in this case, the width of the tie will not forgive you even the slightest error. On tie width of 2.5 -3.5 cm Half Windsor looks too cumbersome and pretentious.

Stylish tips for fans of narrow neckties.
Pay attention to the lapels of his jacket, skinny ties, the most advantageous to look with a jacket with narrow lapels.
To narrow tie perfect blazers or jackets on one or two buttons.
With narrow tie strictly contraindicated wear a shirt with a wide collar. Ideal in the combination deemed shirt medium or narrow collar. Collar with button-down tips here are not the best option.
Narrow tie stylists recommend tying a small, slightly asymmetrical knot. Free assembly simply ideal.
Narrow ties more advantageous to look at the thin man. Large and overweight men skinny tie makes it even more visually by adding a couple – three unwanted pounds.
Stick to simple and modern color palette. To narrow ties do not fit the traditional prints, stripes, pattern, “cucumbers” or peas. Choose plain model, if you want something original, buy a tie in the box, the size and color of the cells can be anything.
Do not forget the tie-clip. Will be the perfect complement clamp simple brushed silver or gold.

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