How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot

double windsor knotThis node in no case is a simple extension of Windsor, because it involves different. Reach when it’s really only when you wear a shirt with a collar with a very wide apart the tips!

Prince of Windsor, in whose honor was named the node is not its creator. But there were times when everyone wore ‘a binding fashion, the prince Windsor to just catch up in terms of fashion. In conjunction with the typical shirt is thick knot raises the tips of the collar, which looks very negative and a little old-fashioned.

double windsor tieYou can beautify Windsor knot hole instead of decorative folds. In fact, a hole is also a decorative fold – a short, in the shape of an ellipse, which is placed in the middle, under the node. When the binding process is almost finished, tie the material shape into a cavity the size of your index finger fingertip directly below the node. At the same time his other hand holding knot. When the one hand to press down the dent, the second pull tight knot. The resulting fold push the middle of the tie on the material up to the same node. Since it is very short, well not receive as long as the side folds.

– Symmetric
– Collar with splayed tips of
– To narrow ties
– The thin and flexible materials
– Solves itself
– In combination with a wide tie conceals a long neck
– Harmonizes with a strong chin

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