How to Tie a Cavendish Knot

Due to the large number of moves initially Cavendish Knot seems to be very time-consuming, but if you try, you will quickly notice that it is only two knots weave Four-in-hand.


Presumably, this node was not invented by the English physicist Cavendish, but by two physicists Cambridge – Fink and Mao, who wanted a way to pay homage to these Cavendishes. Other nodes also gave the names of the names of famous physicists.


The relationship between the knot panache and shape of the face determines the rule of thumb for men with round face and short neck top are small, elongated nodes, like the Four-in-hand knot or a hybrid. Gentlemen of the small face and long neck would be better to look at ties with wider knots.

Cavendish Knot


Cavendish is similar to the Four-in-Hand made from thick tie. Proponents of the latter will be satisfied and the first, as both are characterized by a typical, compact, lightweight triangular shape and asymmetry. If you want to fill the collar with widely spaced pointed, you can either reach for a much thicker tie and extend the Four-in-hand, or the Cavendish. It is the only major knot that nicely arranged in combination with the average width of the collar.

How to Tie a Cavendish Knot

How to Tie a Cavendish Knot

In a few words

  • – (Slightly) asymmetric
  • – Small
  • – The typical collar and slightly spaced-pointed
  • – With long and narrow ties
  • – From thin to medium thick materials
  • – Does not resolve itself
  • – Suitable for low-Men
  • – For work and for Christmas Deals
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