How to tie a Manhattan Knot

I do not know who gave this node that name. It distributed only in Germany (through the Internet).

With such a node even residents of Manhattan in New York, who, as you know, throughout the week, any time of the day walking around in suits, looks very elegant. Nodes Manhattan tie clip type, with a compact design, are particularly beneficial for men with round faces. Slimming effect can be further enhanced by selecting a striped tie.


Manhattan knotApart from the well-worn tie warnings about the patterns, it is difficult to give general advice about the style statements tie – shirt. Fashion is changing – acceptable as a new classicism are bold call patterns in the style of the seventies. In time, you will certainly find the connection that will fit you – no matter trendy shirts. When you buy a shirt immediately consult your dealer on a tie (not every time you buy a new one). A lot of help are exhibited in the shop sets shirt – tie.


Fashion Manhattan is an interesting mixture of two different nodes. Top of the binding order is identical to the  St. Andrew knot. When the second time you put a active end of the tie, you should follow the steps of binding Four-in-hand. Presumably they have already placed, so you have to assimilate only the initial movements.


How to tie a Manhattan Knot

How to tie a Manhattan Knot

In a few words

  • – (Slightly) asymmetric
  • – Reverse-looking compact even wider ties or thick fabrics
  • – A common and wider collars
  • – To unsophisticated ties
  • – Thin or elastic fabrics
  • – Does not resolve itself


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