Shelby knot

Shelby knot

how to tie a tie

Shelby knot
Also known as “Pratt” or “The American”, this knot is best suited for shorter ties with a thick lining. It looks somewhat similar to the Windsor, and should be worn with spread collar shirts.

Step 1
Cross the ends with the back seams facing out. The narrow end lies above the wide end and points to the right.

Step 2
Bring the wide end forward, up, and over the neck loop. Pull it down with the back seam still showing.

Step 3
Draw the wrapping tight.

Step 4
Fold the wide end horizontally from left to right over the narrow end.

Step 5
Bring the wide end up again through the neck loop.

Step 6
Tuck the wide end down through the front loop and draw the knot tight.