Half Windsor Knot

half windsor knot

Half Windsor Knot

This is a very popular knot, and is a fun alternative to the Windsor. This knot works best with medium weight ties and also shorter ties. Wear it with any dress shirt.

Step 1
Place the wide end to the left in front of the narrow end.

Step 2
Wrap the wide end behind and upwards through the neck loop.

Step 3
Now bring the wide end over the neck loop to the left, then to the right behind where the knot is forming (so that the back side shows).

Step 4
Wrap the wide end again to the left over the narrow end where the knot is forming.

Step 5
Bring the wide end once more behind and upwards through the neck loop.

Step 6
Tuck the wide end through the front loop. Tighten the knot and slip it into shape at the collar.

Half Windsor Knot is very popular, because the Half Windsor Knot is symmetrical, Half Windsor Knot is easy to binding and universal.
Tied with a narrow tie and thin material, Half Windsor Knot fits every fashion collar.
Half Windsor Knot is a man with a strong chin delineated.
Half Windsor Knot visually shortens the neck. However, this applies only to men with a strong chin, but a long neck and a narrow face.
If you apply a wide tie the Half Windsor Knot lose outline a narrow triangle, but the gain in width.
Half Windsor Knot is a narrow tie and medium wide, also suitable for thick fabrics (will be very large). Half Windsor Knot is perfect with a thin fabric or flexible. Half Windsor Knot – does not solve itself. Half Windsor Knot is suitable for long neck and a strong, square chin. Half Windsor Knot is good to work and on festive occasions.