Four in Hand Knot

four in hand tie

four in hand tie

Also known as “Four in Hand”, this is a very popular knot for beginners
because it is easy to tie. Slightly asymmetrical, it works well with silk or
wool tie fabrics, and is typically used with button-down dress shirts.

Cross the ends so that the wide end lies over the narrow end and points to the left.

Bring the wide end behind the narrow end horizontally to the right.

Wrap the wide end in front of the narrow end, where the knot is forming.

Pull the wide end behind and upwards through the neck loop.

Tuck the wide end down through the front loop.

Tighten the knot and adjust the shape.

Four in Hand tie is also called as the “simple tie”.
Very easy to bind him and looks nice.
Four in Hand tie is definitely multifunctional and fits almost any fashion collar.
Four in Hand tie is the first, the boy learns from his father.
Sometimes goes by other names, such as “Italian knot” or “node Old German”.
Four in Hand tie nautical node was created.
In London, under the name of “Four in Hand” was a club, Customers who wore fashionable long ties with the same node, through them he gained popularity.

Four in Hand knot is asymmetric.
Suitable for narrow and slightly wider collars.
Four in Hand knot solves itself.
It can be used for all occasions.