Double Knot

double knotAs you might expect, this knot uses double wrapping, and is best suited to narrow and somewhat longer ties made of a light fabric. Typically worn with spread collar shirts.

Step 1
Cross the ends so that the wide end goes over the narrow end and points to the left.

Step 2
Wrap the wide end around the narrowend so that it crosses in front again and points horizontally to the left.

Step 3
Wrap the wide end again around the narrow end, pointing to the right.

Step 4
Bring the wide end back over the front so that it points to the left again.

Step 5
Bring the wide end behind and up through the neck loop.

Step 6
Tuck the wide end down through the front loop of the double wrapping.
Tighten the knot and shape it so that the double wrapping is visible.