Shirt + tie

Shirt and tie

Shirt and tie

1. The most important rule in combination, is that the tie should always be darker than the shirt. If you follow this rule, then the wardrobe is always beautiful. And when you have any doubts, you can remember this rule and you will not regret it.

2. striped shirt always goes well with striped, dark tie. If you still wearing dark trousers or jeans, you will look simply irresistible.

3. If your wardrobe does not have a tie in a cage made of fabric, you will need to be sure to buy. After all, this tie can be worn with a light shirt and dark jeans.

4. Look at that of photographic you think this is not right combination. You are mistaken. After all, the tone of the tie itself much darker shirt. So you can wear this tie with a gray suit with dark or blazers.

5. Tie in a cage is a real hit. Therefore, this tie will go perfectly with pale gray shirt. And indeed this shirt you can pick up a variety of ties, so the combination can be a large number.

6. The shirt in which the ends of the collar are rounded, not like many people. That’s only when the shirt is white in color and in the box, it looks great, but the tie with bold stripes for her would be the best combination.

7. Elegant tie is best suited for shirts in a cage. You will look beautiful and upomrochitelno strictly.

8. shirts having a bright color are not suitable for many people, but if you like to wear them, then this shirt will suit a dark, classic tie. If you have to wear dark, classic suit, it will be a real hit in the bull’s-eye.

9. Tie a small peas go well with plaid shirt. Therefore, this combination is the most stylish. If you do this dress a wardrobe dark suit, you will receive a lot of compliments.

10. Do not buttoned sleeves, weakened tie, dark jeans, all of this will create a style for the rest. You will feel at ease and confident.

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