How to wear a bow tie?

How to wear a bow tie

How to wear a bow tie

How to wear a bow tie?

Solemnity accessory tie -babochki under the rules implied by wearing a tuxedo and white shirt and its color was bound to be black (Black Tie). And to everyday coat with low pique waistcoat wore white a bow tie (White Tie). Now, in our time, individuality, expressed in the manner of dress, allows the use of this accessory in different interpretations.

Artistic nature, poets, singers, designers, broadcasters, and simply glamorous party-goers, well anyway creative personalities wear this accessory as a symbol of idle pastime and figure creativity of the individual.

Due to its wider use, a bow tie evolved, and now it can be knitted or satin, velvet or denim, blue, yellow, purple or other colors.

Enough visiting crowd, dressed in the style of Casual and indicate a secular way out, just put on a butterfly.

How to wear a bow tie? The first step is to decide how much it will look reasonable.

For example, a butterfly in combination with plaid shirt emphasizes Ivan Urganta reputation as a simple guy with a great sense of humor, to take life easy and fun.

Satin a bow tie collection from Lanvin perfect proof of impeccable style in the spirit of the metrosexual. Perfection of one’s fingertips thanks to the perfect combination of color and bow tie costume under his shirt and bitlovka only emphasize the importance of accessory

Denim looks pretty a bow tie on a daily basis with a denim shirt and in my opinion, is perfect for the young student.

Teen choice bow tie as an accessory, perfectly demonstrates Justin Bieber, wearing a black shirt and dark purple satin butterfly. Here it acts as a teen fetish par with glasses in a color frame in which it would seem there is no need.

Knitted a bow tie would be appropriate to look at a young guy in tight jeans, a simple shirt and a leather jacket.

Now I hope it is clear how easy it is to become tasteless and how to properly and carefully consider its image, as well as to remain relevant to their environment, using a small, but significant accessory, like a bow tie.

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