Tips for Voluminous Hair

Tips for Voluminous Hair

Choosing the Right Hair Product
If you want good volume on your hair, you are going to have to shun the growth caused by the hair products. You also want to keep in mind that there are new products that are coming in the market every day. Make sure that you choose the right one for yourself. What does Popgi say for us…

Get a Suitable Haircut
If you have long hair, cutting them into beautiful layers can add a lot of extra volume to your hair. It is best that you let your hairstylist know that you want to have more hair volume.

Use Heated Rollers
Want a quick boost in the volume? You can always use heated rollers. Just make sure that you are wrapping the hair around the hair in segments. Also keep in mind that if you want more volume, use a larger roller.

Hair Color
Oh yes, hair color doesn’t just give your hair color, it adds a great deal of volume too. It’s really simple to understand. When you color your hair, they get swelled by the hair color and seem to be thicker than before. But make sure that you are buying a hair color that is non-abrasive. This will improve your style as well.

A Good Diet
Like almost everything, a healthy diet can also fix your hair. Health is so important for volume hair. A diet that is rich in iron, minerals and vitamins is very good for your hair. Specifically, Vitamin C, which you can find in fruits. Vitamin C helps in the production of keratin. Keratin makes up your hair. Onions can also be effective when they are applied to the hair. They enhance the hair growth.

Scalp Massage
When you massage your scalp, it increases the blood flow which prevents hair fall. To get the best results, you can massage your scalp with coconut oil. Massaging your scalp twice a week with coconut oil and the using a warm towel to wrap the hair for almost 20 minutes can give you great results.

Trim Your Hair
One of the best ways to make sure that you avoid hair loss is that you get a regular trim. Cutting the split ends off can be very good for your hair.

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