Transporting clothes when flying, in a car and on a bike

Wherever you go, what and how you pack up things for a trip is definitely crucial for its success. Be it a business trip, a week long course abroad or holiday time. You want to have necessary things with you, not see them lying on the cupboard or in a wardrobe at your place when you arrive back home.

Packing clothes can be tricky. It’s not like you will throw everything in the bag 3 hours before the flight. You need some time to consider what clothes you need, what kind of equipment is necessary to transport clothing without any additional problems like tearing, getting wrinkled, untidy and unfresh.

In this article, we will go through most common situations when you need to take your clothes with your for a trip. If you are looking for clothes packing and shipping lifehacks, that’s the right article to spend your 5-10 mins with.

Your weekend off, not your clothes

Be sure to make a list of clothes u need with these in mind:

– weather forecast
– a type of events you will attend
– do you need to change when you arrive at the destinated location
– do you need to carry clothes in a bag, case etc.

– how will you travel/commute?

In the car

If you need to carry elegant clothing like suite pants or jacket in your car, you have a few options to prevent it from showing signs of tear/crease: 1. Take out a hanger from your wardrobe, hang your clothes and lay them down on the backseat of your car. You may cover them with a thick blanket to make sure they will not slide down when you turn or stop the car sharply. 2. Buy a bag or a case, put a hanger in it and hang your shirt, jacket, pants (fold them carefully) etc. Find a hook next to the side window in the back of your car. Make sure they do not prevent you from seeing the road clearly.

3. Buy a „pack-it” folder – there are suit folders that you can adjust to your needs. Choose the right material and size, so your clothes fit in perfectly. You can also store some extra items there, like shoes, accessories, lunchbox, cellphone, documents, towel – whatever you need at work that day really.

By bike

Cycling to work? No problem! If you are cycling to work and your need to transport your clothing somehow, you have as well some options to consider.
You may ask your colleagues who cycle to work as well. They have probably figured it all out already! And these will be tips specific to your route and workplace, so in one word – invaluable!
If it’s just you who decided to be a hardcore player and leave clothes at work or at the nearest dry cleaners is just too easy for you, consider buying a truly hardcore equipment like a saddlebag or a pannier. They work quite similarily.
1.  You just fold your suit/ shirt / other clothes along the seams
2. The parts that should remain wrinkle-less needs to be left outside (like shirt collar for example)
3. Try to roll your clothes up – it seems to be a better way to fit clothes inside your bag or pannier.
You may want to use a towel to roll clothing around it. Another way to do it is to leave towel at the end and then roll clothes around a bundle.
Remember, commuting with clothes packed in a bag will inevitably result in SOME wrinkles on your clothes. The best thing you can do is to figure out the most convenient way to carry it. After all, if it makes your morning bike journeys to work unbearable maybe it’s better to let go! Otherwise, keep cycling!

Avoid wrinkled clothes when you fly

Flying on holiday abroad? Business meeting in Berlin? Surprisingly taking a bag or a canvas-like material case with you on the plane, might not be the best idea.
First of most airline will not permit to enter the plane, carrying anything that is not of a size of cabin luggage. You need a hard-sided case for that, to check it in and let it go to fly safely in a luggage compartment.
Choose carefully what which suit/other elegant, wrinkle-prone clothes you want to or need to take with you. Dark, fabric material are less prone to get wrinkles so this may be something you want to factor in and plan beforehand.
Try to look for rolling up and folding instructions on youtube, there are some hilarious and boring ones, though most of the hosts do a great job and enlighten lost, wrinkled souls on how to fold their clothes so they are ready to use after leaving a board!
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