They simply have an aversion to neckties? Then you wear but ties scarves or neckerchiefs

The Ties Scarf gives an otherwise formal outfit a casual touch. Or he gives the weekend look a hint of elegance. To show that you retain some form also decommissioned. Still having scarf also the reputation that carries him more of Playboy.

With scarves stay elegant by simplicity, are the chic dandy or cool as John Wayne. For sore throat, we show the right wrapping technique with which you maintain the style.

All binding instructions for cravats and scarves can be found on the following pages.

Wrap Trend


step one

Slick like a Playboy
upper tip folds down to the bottom third, Laying lower tip to the edge

Place the fabric from behind around the neck

Knot ends once and superimpose

The peaks disappear in shirt Neck

Stylish despite pain


Step 1

Laying edge to each other.Then fold lengthwise again

Place the fabric from the front around the neck

Plug one end gently into the other

The lower cloth edge disappears into the neck

John Wayne Greetings


Step 1

The tips put together. Then fold upper edge again

Triangle forward. Ends diagonally forward

Simply tie the ends under the triangle

The triangle hangs over shirt or sweater

Male with small knots


Step 1

The tips put together.

Then fold upper edge again

Place the fabric from behind around the neck

The ends can hang down the front. Double knot. The ends remain on the upper part.

Elegance through simplicity


Step 1

Laying edge to each other.Fold once lengthwise

To put the neck, front crossing over

Shirt, jacket pull or V-Pulli about

Summer Mood


The Krawattenschal - a good alternative

You have two different ways to tie your tie scarf.

By inserting the tie scarf loosely around your neck and tie it like a traditional woolen scarf. Or tie him almost like a Four-in-hand. Just let the step way to insert the end through the last loop, so it depends entirely on the loose knot.

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